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Product listing ads are cost per click which is online merchant purchase through ad words. This is Ads appear on the google search pages.

                         1. feature product image Ad.

                          2. towards product and product categories based on the keywords.


Benefits of  video camping

1. connect with your audience

2. reach on the right people

3. pay per what u get

4. measures of your ads success


A set of Ad groups, keywords, and bits that share budget location. targeting and other settings. camping is after use organizes categories of products or service. that you offer use organize categories of products or service. that you offer.

Camping Creation

1.go to google

2. search the google ad words

3. log in to Google Ad words with your Gmail account

4. click on skip all guidelines

5. select the country

6. select the currency

7. select time zone

8. click and save

Different Types Of Ads

Search Networks

Display Networks



Mobile App


Universal App

Site links

Top rated

Back savings


New arrivals


1. log in to your ad words account with your gmail account.

2. go to the tools.

3. click on conversations.

4. Enter a name of the conversation setup.

5. Save and continue.

6. Click on the conversation value list.

7. Conversation Categories

            * Purchase and Sales

             * Default value is always zero (0)
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The Different Types Of Pricing Models Are :

1. CPC / PPC - Cost / Pay per click

2.  CPM / PPM- Cost / Pay per impression

3.  CPA / PPA - Cost / Pay per Acquations

4.  CPV / PPV - Cost / Pay per View

5.  CPL / PPL - Cost / Pay per Lead

6.  CPU / PPU - Cost / Pay per Upload

7.  CPD / PPD - Cost / Pay per Download

8.  CPE/ PPE - Cost / Pay per Email

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Bid managers square measure accountable for the proposal of bids to existing or prospective purchasers for comes. A bid manager can make sure the sleek running of the bid for a project inside the proper time and money parameters, and manage the connection with the shopper. Bid managers may go in conjunction with a bid director and sometimes with specialists within the construction and designed setting industries to form and manage the bid for a project.

A bid manager's role varies supported the trade and the way the individual company has structured their management of sales cycle. an organization that depends on short (quick win) sales cycle usually depends on proposal managers, wherever as organisations that depends on long run, advanced sales processes depends on bid managers. additionally to managing bids, bid managers work closely with company board administrators and C-level management to line the strategic direction of the business by providing insight into market trends through direct exposure to vital feedback from failing bids and also the evolving wants of purchasers.

Bid managers' salaries dissent across the development trade looking on the corporate and, moreover, the precise project. per a survey conducted in 2010 the typical remuneration of a bid manager within the United Kingdom housing industry, together with a bonus, is £120,250 each year. bound comes square measure a lot of financially helpful looking on the character of the project or sector. for instance, bid managers acting on personal comes earn a mean remuneration of £80,000, while public sector comes build a lower figure of £40,000. However, bonuses is accumulated at a rate of a minimum of 20%-60% of the remuneration. for instance, a remuneration of £50,000 is given and looking on performance, a hour bonus are going to be given on high of the remuneration, conveyance the full earnings to £70,000 or a lot of.
The six different types of bid management are
1. Enhanced cpc
2. Target search page location
3. Target CPA
4. Target Out Ranking
5. Maximized Clicks
6. Target Return On Add Spend

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Click-through rate (CTR) is that the quantitative relation of users UN agency click on a selected link to the quantity of total users UN agency read a page, email, or advert. it's usually accustomed live the success of an internet drive for a specific web site likewise because the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Click-through rates for ad campaigns vary staggeringly. The terribly initial on-line show ad shown for AT&T on the web site Hot Wired in 1994, had a a quarter mile click-through rate. Over time the general rate users click on web page banner ads has remit tent.


The purpose of click-through rates is to live the quantitative relation of clicks to impressions of an internet ad or email selling campaign. typically the upper the CTR the more practical the selling campaign has been at transportation individuals to a web site. Most industrial websites ar designed to elicit some variety of action, whether or not it's to shop for a book, scan a newspaper article, watch a music video, or seek for a flight. individuals seldom visit websites with the intention of viewing advertisements, within the same means that few individuals watch tv to look at the commercials.

While marketers wish to grasp the reaction of the online traveler, with current technology it's nearly not possible to quantify the emotional reaction to website|the location|the positioning} and therefore the impact of that site on the firm's complete. However, click-through rate is a simple piece of knowledge to amass. The click-through rate measures the proportion of tourists UN agency initiated a billboard that redirected them another|to a different} page wherever they could purchase an item or learn a lot of a couple of product or service. styles of interaction with advertisements aside from clicking is feasible, however rare; "click-through rate" is that the most ordinarily used term to explain the efficaciousness of a billboard.


The click-through rate is that the range of times a click is created on the advert divided by the full impressions (the range of times a billboard was served):

                  CTR = Total Clicks On Ad /  Total Impressions On Ad * 100


Quality Score may be a variable employed by Google, Yahoo! (called Quality Index), and Bing that may influence each the rank and price per click (CPC) of ads.

To determine the order during which ads are listed, every ad has the subsequent formula run against it: bid * Quality Score. Ads are then listed in falling order supported the results of that equation. the precise weight of Quality Score versus bid has not been disclosed by any of the most important search engines, and every company has declared that they reserve the proper to repeatedly change their ranking methodologies.

In late 2008, Google disclosed that Quality Score was accustomed confirm that as it'd show on top of organic results, which a top quality score might truly cause ads to leap over ads with lower quality scores that might otherwise not benefit that distinguished placement.


IMAGE ADS Product listing ads are cost per click which is online merchant purchase through ad words. This is Ads appear on the google sea...